sustainable alternatives to conventional rubber and plastic compounds

How is GUM-TEC® made?

We source post consumer chewing gum waste from our Gumdrop Bins and Gumdrops on the go. We also work together with gum manufacturers providing a waste solution for pre consumer gum waste.

We recycle waste gum in our process to create a range of innovative compounds which can be used in many different applications replacing conventional rubber and plastic compounds, GUM-TEC®.

Made with waste gum.

GUM-TEC® is a more sustainable alternative to conventional materials, with a message that resonates with businesses and consumers globally who are working towards enhancing ESG (Environmental, Social and corporate Governance goals).

You’ll find GUM-TEC® in…


We recently partnered with Adidas on 5 brand new bubble gum inspired styles for their Stan Smith line up, using GUM-TEC® for the outsoles. This was built on our previous experience producing the GUMSHOE.

Americano Mugs

GUM-TEC® can be used in food and drinks containers. We did say you wouldn’t believe what you can make with GUM-TEC®.

Gumdrop Bins

That’s right, even our Gumdrop bins are made with GUM-TEC® for a truly closed loop and sustainable recycling solution.

Start innovating with GUM-TEC®

We offer a range of GUM-TEC® compounds which can be used in many applications across different market sectors. We can also develop bespoke GUM-TEC® compounds which deliver specific properties to match and replace less sustainable conventional compounds for use in existing and new applications.

Let’s work together.

We’re always keen to partner with manufacturers and brands to improve the credentials of existing products and to bring new products to market.

Let's work together